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Daliao Depot

Daliao Depot is located at the eastern end of the Metro Orange Line. It is located in the Daliao District of Kaohsiung City. It is based on south of Fengping Road (between Fengshan and Pingtung of Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 1), east of Fenglin Road (Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 25), west of Qianzhuang Road and north of Wandan Road. It is surrounded by Qianzhuang and Zhongxin Villages.

Daliao Depot is roughly 780 meters away from Fengping Road and only about 75 meters away from Wandan Road. The 40-meter away Jiexi Road on the west side of the base connects to Fengping Road and Wandan Road, these are the main transportation routes for the Depot. In addition, the Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 25 passes through the southern end of Daliao Depot (Fenglin 3rd Road), and it is around 4.2km to Daliao Interchange of Taiwan Expressway No. 88. Within the 20 minute traveling time on these routes, it covers Kaohsiung City and Wandan, Xinyuan, Chaozhou and so on villages and towns of Pingtung. The OT1 Daliao Station is located within the scope of the Depot. It is well situation and easily connected to greater Kaohsiung areas.

The total area of Daliao Depot is 54 hectares mainly used as MRT maintenance plant. The site of about 34 hectares is designed to function as a five-level maintenance plant for the MRT, the residual of approximately 16.7 hectares is available for commercial development.

At present, 2 development projects has been consigned on the commercial zone, namely the Jiu Zhen Nan Han Pastry House (covering an area of about 0.4 hectares, which opened for operation in September 2016), and a banquet hall plus an audio-visual karaoke complex by SWS Group (occupies an area of around 0.9 hectares, opened for operation in October 2017), providing venues for culture, dining and entertaining activities in the Daliao district.

There are still 15.4 hectares of commercial zone at Daliao Depot for developers. The overall development is arranged as a “life paradise for leisure and health care”, providing good living functions and environment for the surrounding residents, aiming at establishing a new type of living space.