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North Depot

The North Depot is located at the northern end of the Metro Red Line, bridging the 2 administrative districts of Gangshan and Ciaotou of Kaohsiung City, situated on the southeast side of Kaohsiung Gangshan Cultural Bureau. The base has high visibility. The west is adjacent to the Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 1, only 40 meters away. The east is bounded by the Taiwan Railway. The north side is bounded by the Zhongshan South Road of the Gangshan Town (Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 1), and the south side is adjacent to Bixiu Road of Ciaotou Township.

The North Depot is only about 1.5 kilometers from Gangshan and Ciaotou Markets, and about 16 kilometers from Kaohsiung City. The northern end of the base passes through Jieshou East Road (Taiwan County Expressway No. 186) to Taiwan National Highway No. 1 Zhongshan Expressway that is about 3 kilometers away. Together with the Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 1 nearby, one can quickly travel to and from the surrounding towns and villages, while Kaohsiung city can be reached within 20-minute through the Taiwan National Highway No. 1 Zhongshan Expressway and Tainan City can be reached within 30 minutes by car. The convenient transportation system can be taken with Taiwan Railway from either Ciaotou Station or Gangshan station. The R24 Gangshan South Station is within the scope of the Depot that is the final station of the Metro Red Line. It was completed and opened to traffic in December of 2012 and is now an important traffic node for the city of Kaohsiung in the vicinity of Gangshan and nearby townships.

The land area of the North Depot is 34 hectares. It is mainly used as the MRT maintenance plant. It is designed to function as a three-level maintenance plant for the MRT. The facility area, the connecting roads and the R24 Gangshan South station occupy an area of 24.4 hectares. There is still 9.4 hectares available for developments.

At present, the commercial zones of the North Depot has been fully invested upon. This includes the Hechun hospital (occupying 0.9 hectares that was opened for operation in December 2014, providing professional medical and nursing services for the aged), a wedding banquet hall by Xiaozun Food & Beverage Company (occupying 0.5 hectares, expected to open for operation at the end of 2019), Kaohsiung Medical University Gangshan Hospital (approx. 3.2 hectares, contract was signed between the Kaohsiung Medical University and Kaohsiung City Government in July, 2016 and is expected to open for operation in 2021), Dali Development project (Approx. 4.2 hectares, the contract was signed between Dali Development Company and Kaohsiung City Government in August 2018, and is expected to open for operation in 2021).

The overall development of the North Depot is aimed to provide the satisfaction of overall daily life needs, as well as the in health care and aged care. The commercial complex facilities and well organized medical and related facilities, etc. will provide a new vision to meaning of services for life, creating a “Regional Life Service Foundation” as an aim, making the most important base for business activities in northern Kaohsiung.